Excerpt from current Chapter

The salty sea air was humid on the SeaDawn as it was docked in the harbor. Cascada’s custom officers were clustered in groups of three across the docks. As the ship was roped in tight, the lead Tax collector was up their gangplank, almost before it was fully in place. The squat elderly man spoke immediately.

Where is the Captain of this vessel?”

I be here, sirs,” Gerald bellowed, as he made his way up from below deck. “Hold onto yer breeches.”

With a distasteful look, the collector addressed the Captain directly. “That will be two silvers for docking sir.”

TWO SILVERS! The last time we sailed here T’weren’t but one and a piece!” blustered Gerald.

Indeed, Captain, things have changed. What is your cargo?” asked the short man.

Furs, silks, dried beef from Frier’s town. Oh and a few casks of the red from Vargo.”

Higher tax on that, what with the trade embargo with Vargo.” he replied.

Shaking his head in agitation, Gerald quickly spoke. “I expected some such. Same up and down this cursed coastline. Come below and I’ll gitcha the manifest.”

Once the three officers had followed Captain Gerald below, Rupert Verigo, slid from the top deck, down the gangplank and into the crowd of laborers and warehouse officials. He vanished quickly, melding in the mottled grays and browns so commonly worn by those that worked the docks. His travel worn brown cloak and average height made his task much easier. As long as their weren’t any readers around he would be home free. Readers were a problem everywhere he tried to go on the Shellian coast. Their ability to pick up and read his power’s aura was highly inconvenient. For him to succeed with his orders, they had to be avoided at all cost. The Vargo high councilors had made it very plain to Rupert. Failure was not an option. He only had to make it to the palace grounds. “Hold on, Alyss, I will be there before you know.” he whispered.


The end result of all that I do should and will be a better me!

Life comes at you fast and too many times I find myself questioning my previous actions.
I wonder how often people experience this feeling? Don’t misunderstand me, I am sure that everyone has those moments of doubt. The real question on my mind is how often. By comparison, I consider if mine own is too often….
I’ve heard it implied that the moment we stop caring is the moment we give up. That is ultimately the check and balance I am trying to implement into my life. Regrets are not fun. For me I would have to say my weaknesses lie with patience and temper. Don’t judge yet! Seriously, not implying violent tendencies. I am not that bad, I think. I concentrate on self evaluation a little to much to get out of hand. Just sorta short fused.
At any rate, I am sure you are ready to see where I am headed. Need I remind you the reason I created this blog is primarily for self therapy… I am greedy like that. Comments will always be considered, but not necessarily looked at as gospel. This time around I DO NOT have a destination in mind. Just working through my thoughts and concerns.
The end result of all that I do should and will be a better me!

If you think you can help me get there then what are you waiting for?!


Awakening & Realization

Married for 12 years with children….
A job that pays well, in this economy….
And yet, I am still searching. For what, I don’t know. But, I think I will know it when I see it.
Depression is something best identified and owned. I am relearning this as I go.
The good news is I don’t believe in meds. I think they are a crutch. Kinda like going out and getting drunk or having a one night stand. When you wake up in the morning all the problems you are running from will be there to greet you with a smile.
Mistakes are necessary for growth, if we learn from them. But, too many times, of late, I have made the mistakes and didn’t walk away feeling stronger from them.
I am ready to take back charge of my life and my emotions. Discovering just how much what you do is effecting the loved ones around you is… Sobering, to say the least.

“I am the only person who can fix me.” Wise words from a wise person.
This is my attempt, my journey at doing just that….

Thom F. O’Leary & other male mistakes

This blog is for therapy, only…
It seems I am stuck a lot of times with too much on my mind and no avenue to unload it on, comfortably.
So here we are….
WARNING: The characters, events and/or scenes in this blog have been altered so as to protect the true identities of those involved.

More to come as I get my head right